Kelly Williams

Consumer Coordinator

715-723-7570, ext. 110


I am the Consumer Coordinator here at Northwest Pathways to Independence. I assist in the Medication and Medical Training for the new employees as well as CPR and First Aid Training. I am thankful for the opportunity and I’m glad to be part of the NPI team! I continue to be amazed at all the things I learn in my 40’s, cause I thought I already knew everything in my 20’s.

I grew up in Chippewa Falls where I attended a parochial school until 10th grade. I then moved to New Auburn. From there I spent my Junior and Senior year in Suring, Wisconsin. After graduation, I spent some time in Seattle, Washington. After I decided that I didn’t like riding my bike 10 miles back and forth to work every day and that I missed my family, I came back to Wisconsin. I went to cosmotology school in Green Bay before returning to Eau Claire in 1993. I’ve always found time to travel and tried to make it around the U.S. before I was 20, but I still have a few places to go.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, movies, casino and good restaurants. Back in grade school, I was offered the opportunity to earn credits by working as a volunteer at the Northern Center. When I started at NPI in 1997, it sparked an interest in me that this was something that I really enjoyed as a kid and I continue to enjoy it and grow.

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